A mentor once told me, “You cannot earn a living in General Aviation.” I’ve always taken being told I can’t do something as a personal challenge to prove them wrong, and I’ve been professionally involved in aviation for years!

I tried the military, a private university, a flight college, and three different airports with more than a half-a-dozen flight instructors while working multiple jobs to pay for it all while living on my own. I know a much shorter, easier, and cheaper way!

As a Stay-At-Home-Dad (SAHD), I set out to write a book in order to help others understand that aviation is a ‘time machine’. It has enabled me to travel, visit distant friends and relatives, and participate in events outside of driving distance and on my own time!​

Aviation is an excellent STEM educational platform. On top of STEM, it also provides history lessons, communication skills, and financial planning with a very real practical application that builds solid life-skills. My target market is 14 to 40. You can solo a glider at age 14, an airplane at age 16, and receive your private pilot license at age 17. Some people learn to fly before they learn to drive! You can fly for the airlines at age 21 and through 2020, it is predicted that every major airline will continue to be hiring!

When giving one of my presentations at a school, a parent said “my child has an interest in aviation but I have no idea where to start.”

At another presentation a teacher admitted not knowing there was a local flight school, or that her children were old enough to start flight training! My message resonates with people, so I wrote this book that organizations, educators and sponsors can use to inspire and encourage others.