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Everything You Need to Know About Your Next Steps with Open Air

Nathan Brown

Fulfill Your Dream!

Have you always had the dream to learn to fly amongst the clouds?

Has there always been a voice in the back of your head giving reason after reason not to pursue this dream? 

Here’s what I want you to do next time that voice’s whisper starts again.  Ignore it, I like to call this voice your comfort zone.  We all know about our comfort zones; we all have them, and we all know how bad they can be for us. 

Today is the day that you finally let yourself step out of your comfort zone. 

The best place to fulfill your dream of flying is http://www.skywebaviation.com. There you’ll meet Jeff Jorgenson, he too had that dream, but he fulfilled it.

With years of flying experience under his belt he is the perfect match to help you become a pilot today!

Who is Jeff Jorgenson?

Jeff Jorgensen is a veteran and stay-at-home-dad.  He has a goal to have One Million pilots in the sky, right now there are just 600,000.  He believes that not only will he be helping people fulfill their own personal goals in aviation, but also his own country’s economy.  “This infusion of pilots will spark the economy in countless ways.  This is the new American Dream.”  Jeff has also written an entire book on aviation.  This shows his true love for the subject of aviation.  It also serves as another testament to his expertise in his field. 

The most important thing to know about Jeff isn’t his military history, or his family life; it’s that he is just like you!  He’s a dreamer, and more importantly a lover of flying.  He wants to help you take your first steps towards achieving your dream of learning to fly, just as he as achieved his own. 

Why Use SkyWeb Aviation?

SkyWeb Aviation is a flight school that believes that everyday people hold the future to the aviation industry.  In fact, SkyWeb proudly displays their goal to have every single one of their clients achieve their goals to show how committed they are to people just like you that come on to learn. 

Jeff and SkyWeb Aviation want nothing more than for you to feel welcome during all of your interactions with the company.  Every pilot starts out as someone with a dream, not as an experienced professional.  This is one of the hardest things people with the dream to fly have a hard time realizing.  The general public is the number one supplier of pilots and you could be the next one!  There is no company more than SkyWeb that believes that you, the public, are the lifeblood of the aviation industry.  This is the main reason why you should choose them to give you to push you need to become a pilot.  You will know that you are more than just a student to Jeff.

Jeff’s Book!

Jeff has written a book about the many facets of aviation.  The title of the book is “Open Air: How People Like You Are Changing the Aviation Industry” and its main goal is to give you all the knowledge you need to know about aviation.  After you read this book you will have all of the information you need, and more, about the journey to becoming a pilot.  The book has been praised as upbeat, and entertaining.  Jeff has in his book tips that you can follow to ensure that you have a smooth experience as you learn how to fly.  Buying this book is a must to learn the secrets to becoming a pilot, and it even give you a couple of your financial tips!  You can find Jeff’s book on amazon, just got to amazon.com, and type in “Open Air” to start reading today!


Learning to Fly!

So, you want to learn to fly!  There are small steps that you can take to better prepare yourself to start your journey.  First and foremost, realize that you are going to have to commit time.  Becoming a pilot is not something you can do within a couple of practice flights.  Yet, at the same time don’t be discouraged if you feel you are taking too long.  Everyone has their own pace; Open Air knows this and will encourage you every step of the way!  Another option you have is to buy literature on the topic of flying, specifically Jeff’s book.  Your investment in the book will pay for itself in no time. 

Choosing SkyWeb Aviation as the company you go through on your journey to becoming a pilot is an excellent decision.  Flying is a process that is difficult, but fun.  Open Air wants to focus on the fun aspect with you.  Jeff loves flying, and having a teacher that loves what they are teaching is vital to the learning experience.  Think back to your favorite teacher in grade school, he or she was probably full of energy and fun.  Your brain recognizes when other people are enjoying themselves, and creates a feeling that you too should be enjoying learning what they are teaching.

To see more personal testimonials from costumers about Jeff be sure to check out SkyWeb Aviation’s website, http://www.skywebaviation.com.  Here you will be able to see just how positively people have reacted to Jeff’s teaching style!


What SkyWeb Offers!

There are multiple services that SkyWeb offers to you.  First off, the most primary service they offer is flight instruction.  They want to offer you the highest quality of lessons you can receive in the air.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure about flying, and you’re on the fence about learning how to fly. SkyWeb has the perfect option for you!  They are called introductory flights.  These flights are perfect for people who may just want to go up in a plane over the region where they live.  Introductory flights can be such a huge step for your journey.  Having that first taste of your possible dream be fulfilled can be exhilarating.  Who knows, maybe it will serve as the gateway to more intensive lessons, and ultimately you becoming a pilot!

Another service offered by SkyWeb if more focused on people who are already flying and own their own plane.  They offer mobile detail, they stress on their website that taking care of your vehicle is a “labor of love”.  SkyWeb wants you to know that they will take care of your lovely pane just as much as you would.  They use a waterless cleaning system to ensure that nothing will be scratched off during the cleaning.  They can also return an old faded glory to its original, bright, beautiful colors by deoxidizing the paint. 

The final service that SkyWeb offers is aerial photography.  They can no provide profession grade videography and photography.  Contact SkyWeb today to arrange a filming session today! 

As you can see, SkyWeb can offer services for people of all experience levels.  The diversity of services shows yet again how SkyWeb is willing to serve you and your specific needs.


Your Wallet and Your Path to Aviation!

Tell anyone that you want to learn to fly and you will likely get the same response, “Flying is too expensive.”  SkyWeb, and Jeff want you to know that they will keep your wallet in mind along your entire journey into aviation.  Though, what is important to remember is that it still take commitment to get yourself up into the sky, not only a mental commitment, but a financial one.  Read the article in Jeff’s Blog titled “What it Takes to become a Pilot” to learn more about the commitments required to fly.  Almost as testament to how committed they are to saving your money, on their website there are multiple discounts that you can take advantage of on the front page. 

Another source that you can use to learn the best ways to save money while learning to fly, that source is Jeff’s own book.  As previously mentioned, Jeff’s book not only gives you tips about flying, and tidbits of aviation history scattered throughout the text, but also tips from a guy with 20 years of experience on where to save money while you are deciding if you want to pursue your dream or not.


Start Making Your Dream Come True Today!

Aviation got its roots in dreams.  William and Orville Wright had the very same dream that you do today, to fly.  In our lives, we spend our daily lives in a cycle, and we simply feel like people that achieve their dreams and goals live on a whole other planet.  Don’t let that person be you!  It’s very possible to achieve your dreams, you don’t have to be rich or famous to do so. 

The best way for people to achieve their dreams is to surround themselves with dreamers, and a dreamer is exactly what Jeff Jorgensen is.  He is living his dream right now in fact, and that dream is helping people fulfill their dream to become a pilot and learn to fly.  Jeff’s love for aviation and his family attitude is one that will make his clients feel right at home. 

Also, Jeff’s book can be a vital part of turning your dream into a reality.  Having that guideline to hold on to and read can be the true difference.  Visit is book’s website at https://openairforeveryone.com.  Here you can learn more about who Jeff is, why he wrote his book, as well as check out other blog posts that he has made concerning the news and state of the aviation world.   Buy your copy today on Amazon!

Jeff can’t wait to start working with you today!  Contact him on both his book website, and his company’s website, http://www.skywebaviation.com.  

You might also put a plug at the end that the Online groundschool I offer on SkyWeb Aviation website is the best value for the dollar and the quickest path to getting the written test out of the way so people can focus on applying that knowledge to learning to fly.