Jeff Jorgensen’s Book Campaign: Air for Everyone! The Aviation Revolution

The Author, Jeff "JJ" Jorgenson
Stay-at-home dad and aviation enthusiast, Jeff Jorgenson, launches his motivational and informative book about the overhaul of aviation in the United States and across the globe. While a reported 1% of Americans traditionally have enjoyed flying as a vocation, leisure, or both, Jeff unveils the imminently disruptive forces beneath the aviation industry’s surface that foreshadows a revolution integrating the principles of democracy, economic deflation, and the piloting opportunities available to the average person to an extent that most people would never have dreamed could happen in their lifetimes.
The Pilot Shortage: A Problem in the Future of Aviation

The Problem

The overarching difficulty with aviation today is its underestimation of the role that technology will play in its future. While technology has democratized aspects of aviation like lowered flight costs for consumers, monopolization of the industry has continuously discouraged the recruitment of competent pilots to match the needs of the growing consumer base:

The result is the inability of the industry to meet the demands of consumer growth. For example, the latest problem with United flight delays is not fundamentally a computer problem. It’s a pilot shortage problem.

The Effects of Technology on Different Industries

An Answer

The causes of the pilot shortage, no matter which way you slice it, are basically the same: the traditional perception that the aviation industry has been a monopoly of the 1% has created a supply-and-demand problem for which accelerating the “democracy of the skies” is the only answer. In Open Air, Jeff describes the overabundance of opportunities in aviation today for which newer technologies have created a demand. And that is great news for literally anyone who has an interest in aviation.

STEM Education As a Critical Answer

While this aviation revolution might seem like bad news to the aviation industry, it isn’t. Aviation is basic to our American way of life and the global economy, and it is here to stay. And develop. Jeff’s personal interest is the role that STEM education can play in the interim, because STEM can leverage the infrastructure of the traditional American education model. When this happens, we’re talking about more opportunities for more people.

Written in an engaging and conversational tone, Open Air: What People Like Yourself Are Doing to Change the Aviation Industry highlights the holes in the current aviation model and provides industry hacks that can make aviation accessible as a vocation or for leisure to the average person. Open Air can be purchased from Amazon in paperback in May 2017.