The Book

This Award-Winning Book is helping the industry ‘Make a Million Pilots!’ This infusion of pilots will spark the economy and revitalize aviation in countless ways. This is the new American Dream!

ThisAviation touches nearly everyone’s lives, but few know much about what it takes or how they can be involved. The book was written to aspire to answer the FAQ’s from aviation workshops and seminars. This introductory guide to aviation strives to make aviation affordable and accessible to everyone! Did you know that only about 5% of pilots are minorities? Did you also know that only about 6% of pilots are female? Aviation was the forefront of our culture for the first half of the 20th century, but since the 70’s when hijackings became more visible and prolific, the 80’s when Reagan fired Air Traffic Controllers, the 90’s when airlines were facing bankruptcies, mergers and strikes making life difficult for professional pilots, up to 9/11 when terrorism led the USA to build a fence around the airports and stop letting people in, aviation took on a more negative public perception. Since people have mostly only seen undesirable circumstances in the media regarding aviation.  

In 2018, Boeing did a study highlighting the need for over 2 Million people to fill aviation trades over the next 20 years! In 2019, this book, “Open Air” Won the 2019 Aviation Writing of the Year Award from the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame! 

You’ll learn what it really takes to be a pilot with money-saving tips and pilot hacks from drones to jets! A great guide on not only how to get started, but Jeff inspires you to pursue any number of new careers and activities related to a bright future in aviation. Coupled with a touch of aviation history and some inspiring young aviators, this is the ideal guide for anyone with an unaided interest in aviation!